September Specials //

Semi Permanent | Eyebrow Enhancement
Done by Celebrity Makeup Artist and Aesthetician Germaine Williams
Cost | $575
Originally Priced at $675 // $100 Savings

Skin Rejuvenation Special

Did you get too much sun damage from being outside on the beach or at the pool this summer?    Do you have any acne scarring or hyper-pigmentation that you want to address? Experience rejuvenation with complexion blending treatments!

15% Off

Range from our Superficial $100 to Advanced at $300

Energy Alignment Special

Sound Therapy

Reiki (30 Minutes)

Massage (60 Minutes)

Costs | $165

Originally Priced at $200

Womb Wellness

Pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? We would love to talk to you about our Womb Wellness Offerings! 

Call (301) 907-9001 to schedule your appointment TODAY!


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