BIRTH & Doula Services

Doula Services

Our intention as birth doulas are to provide you with emotional, physical, and spiritual support during the sacred moments of birth. Together we have a combined total of over 15 years experience and over 100 births! Our mission is to guide you and your partner through this birth with encouragement, love, education, and our intuitive energy experience as Reiki Masters. We take pride in being a continuous presence for birthing people and their families. Supporting you every step of the way of this journey. 

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Birth Doula Services | $1200

Loss/Bereavement Doula Services | $555

Prenatal Services

In addition to our birth doula services we offer Prenatal Massage, Prenatal Reflexology, and Reiki as energy healing and treatments during prenatal, birth, and postpartum your journey!

Prenatal Massage | 1 hour $125

Prenatal Reflexology | 1 hour $75

Reiki | 30 Minutes $60

Childbirth Education Classes


At The Red Bloom we offer private Childbirth Education + Comfort Measures Class for expecting parents. This intensive class will give you vital information that can help expand your journey, by exploring the options and alternatives in birth. Orient you to various definitions and terms to exploring various procedures that you might hear in the birth space. Taking part in exercises that are aimed to decrease the fears and anxiety surrounding birth. Learning massage techniques that can support birthing people over the progression of birth. As well as learning ways to relieve discomfort through methods such as counter pressure, hip squeezes, rebozo techniques, and tools that can be used in the birth space.

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Come learn your options and alternative in the birthing process in an intimate experience. With a limited number of couples in the class you have the unique opportunity to dive deeper into your birth preparation. Giving you the opportunity to be surrounded in a safe space to ask and get answered in depth information regarding birth. As well as getting familiar with terms that you may hear in the birth space, overview the process of birth, and learn comfort measures to guide you through this unforgettable journey.

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Come learn comfort measure techniques such as counter-pressure, hip squeezes, rebozo techniques, and valuable tools that will help guide you through your birth journey!

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Cost $100 per couple 

Infant Massage

Gentle Touch™ Infant Massage are (3) day class sessions that creates an easy to learn techniques that will allow you to give a full relaxing massage to your baby. Certain massage strokes can help to relieve colic temporarily or expel gas. By bringing some relief to your baby, parents may also feel more able to cope with the ongoing situation. These classes will make it were you cannot only connect and bond with your baby but make a difference through Gentle Touch™ massages in relieving discomfort.
Topic Includes:
* Benefits
* Recognize cues, reflex and behavioral states
* Bonding and attachment
* Strokes to perform a full massage
* Strokes that can ease colic, gas and constipation

Ages: 3 weeks to 12 months

Class Fee: $125 (3) day class sessions

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End of Life Doula Services

Much like birth, the end of life is a transformational journey that deserves nurturing, care, comfort, peace, and love. Honoring your loved one in their last days and creating ceremony and remembrance surrounding their life. Whether you are looking for preparation and support for the months, weeks, or days ahead. End of life doula services can provide you and your family with unforgettable moments. As we celebrate the accumulation of moments that your loved one had on this earth plane. 

Rate is dependent on individualized basis


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